Horror moment gang attacks cyclist then tries to steal bike in broad daylight

A gang were caught on camera beating up a cyclist in a vicious attempt to steal his bike in the middle of the road.

The attempted robbery took place just outside an apartment building on Chester Road, Hulme, at about 9pm on Tuesday night (June 29).

Video taken by a neighbour living opposite the Empress Court shows the cyclist riding across the road when three young men emerge from the closest bus stop and stop him.

One thug, who is seen wearing a face mask and black hoodie, is seen trying to pull the cyclist off his bike.

The others join and block the victims escape until he is dragged down to the pavement.

The cyclist can be heard screaming: "Yo, help me! Get off me!"

One yob grabs his jacket and yanks him in a bid to shake him off his bike but the cyclist holds onto the handle and resists to let go.

Luckily, a bare-chested passer-by comes to his aid and shouts at the group: "Oi, what you doing?"

The lads let the cyclist go as they they slowly walk off, seemingly unconcerned at the prospect of being caught.

As the victim gets back on his bike, he looks back and says: "What have I done to you?"

The group eventually split up and go in different directions, reports Manchester Evening News.

Greater Manchester Police say there is no record of the incident being reported.

This came after a bizarre incident in Crosby, Merseyside where a man and another bloke who appeared to be a taxi driver were spotted fighting in the street dangerously close to moving traffic.

The pair were rolling in the road as they fought and bit one another in the incident on Monday during rush-hour traffic as cars on the other side of the road queued at lights.

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