Hotel security did nothing as predator raped 67-year-old woman in hallway

Security staff working at a hotel allegedly did nothing as an elderly woman was dragged by her hair and brutally raped.

The vile predator stormed into the Rodeway Inn in Miami-Dade County, Florida, and began viciously attacking the 67-year-old in an empty hallway.

The tragic victim was captured on CCTV being yanked by her hair and hauled into an elevator on July 10.

The woman is said to have been "savagely beat" and "strangled" while she "screamed for her life" before being sexually assaulted.

Justin Shapiro, attorney, has filed a lawsuit against the owners of the hotel after CCTV footage appears to show security members watching the horrific incident unfold without stepping in, The Sun reports.

He told WPLG Local 10 : "This is one of the worst breakdowns in hotel security we have ever seen.

"Our client was savagely beaten, sexually assaulted and strangled in the hallways of the hotel.

"And what's most shocking about this is that the hotel's representatives knew this was happening. They were there.

"She's screaming for her life and they froze."

The victim's nephew claims she was "choked to the point of vision loss and loss of consciousness" and then left "bloodied and battered".

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The 67-year-old, who was on holiday with her husband at the time of the viscous attack, suffered a brain bleed, broken ribs, collapsed lungs and severe brain injury.

She had to undergo eight hour surgery to "save her life".

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Police have arrested 22-year-old Travon Smith over the attack.

He faces four charges of burglary with assault or battery, kidnapping, sexual battery and felony battery.

Police said Smith punched the victim's husband when he opened his hotel room door and began "biting him on the back of his neck".

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The lawsuit describes the victim "screaming for help but neither the hotel representatives nor the security guard took any action whatsoever".

They allegedly "watched this attack unfold less than five feet away".

Shapiro said: "There are no words. This is one of the most savage attacks I have ever seen.

"Her face was bitten, her head was smashed into the floor as he was coercing her into oral sex.

"She is now an absolute mess as you can imagine."

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