How hot is it today? Exact timings mercury to hit 28C in your area – latest forecast maps

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Forecasters have warned Britons to prepare for record heat today as the fourth day of wall-to-wall sunshine bears down on the UK. Most parts of the country can expect their local temperatures to soar above the summer average. Weather charts have revealed approximate timings for each area in the UK and how hot they could get.

How hot will it get today?

While mid-July and August traditionally bring the hottest temperatures of the year, June 2022 promises to kick that precedent to the curb.

The week beginning June 13 has already served up the hottest temperatures of the year so far, and they will only accelerate over the next few days.

An especially intense plume of heat will bake the UK from today, working north from the south coast to Scotland.

Most of the country north of London awoke to comparatively chilly temperatures of 6C 7C.

But people living around Southampton, Cardiff, Plymouth and elsewhere in the southwest woke up to 10C to 11C heat.

By 9am, those temperatures had moved up to mid-Wales, Birmingham and London, while Cornwall was reporting 13C highs, according to maps from WXCharts.

And at 10am, they had risen into the 20C range around Southampton, Peterborough, London and Norwich.

By 1pm, the Met Office expects nearly every English and Welsh region below Scotland will have entered that range, with London and Norwich on 25C.

The heat appears to peak around 4pm when the following areas become the hottest parts of the UK:

London: 28C

Peterborough: 27C

Swindon: 26C

Birmingham: 26C

Norwich: 26C

Lincoln: 25C

Southampton: 25C

Newton (Powys): 24C

Cardiff: 24C

York: 24C

By 7pm, most of those areas will remain above 20C, preparing Britons for an uncomfortable night.

Met Office forecasts show that the night of June 16 promises a challenge, with every part of the country seeing temperatures of 13C or more.

London, again, is the hottest and will force residents to reckon with a stifling 20C for the entire night.

Areas around the capital promise similar highs ranging from 16 to 18C.

Unfortunately, Friday, June 17, provides no respite, with London, Norwich and Peterborough rising above 30C.

After a sweltering morning, the three areas will hit 32C, breaching the usual June maximum by 14C.

Temperatures around the rest of the country should range from 17 to 29C, prompting a heatwave warning.

The UK Health Security Agency (UHSA) issued an alert from June 16 to 18 urging people living in “some parts of the Midlands and the south” to check on the vulnerable and watch out for signs of heat exhaustion.

Heat exhaustion signs and symptoms include:

  • Headaches
  • Dizziness and confusion
  • Loss of appetite and feeling sick
  • Excessive sweating and pale, clammy skin
  • Arm, leg and stomach cramps
  • Racing pulse and fast breathing
  • A high temperature of 30C+
  • Excessive thirst

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