Hundreds of blackbirds fall from the sky in horrifying mass death caught on CCTV

Security camera footage has shown a large flock of birds mysteriously drop dead, leaving social media users puzzled over what could have caused the sudden death.

A video published to Twitter shows the massive swarm of migratory blackbirds appear out of nowhere, with many crashing into the ground while others scrambled away from the concrete below.

The footage from the Mexican state of Chihuahua shows a cluster of birds falling from the sky and crashing to their deaths.

American Conservative Union boss Matt Schlapp watched the footage and quipped "Pls not bird flu," when the footage of the massive bird purge gained attention online.

Social media users are trying to solve the mysterious mass death, with several Twitter users speculating over why the birds plummeted into the ground.

One user said: "I don't think they dropped dead. Looks like they flew into the ground and the impact killed them."

Another commented that the birds may have been "perched on a high-voltage power line."

But a handful of users believe the reason for the flight straight into the ground may be from "murmation," with the migratory fowl arriving from northern Canada and wintering in Mexico.

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The murmation, according to one user, is part of "scale-free correlation," and it often happens when birds are trying to escape from predators.

The birds were later identified as yellow-headed blackbirds and discovered lifeless on sidewalks by residents of Cuauhtémoc City.

What the birds died of still remains unclear, but some speculated the birds could also have been suffering from the effects of high pollution, which had recently plagued the region.

Another user linked an article to "Havana Syndrome," which says the birds could have been killed by a series of energy pulses.

The video shows hundreds of birds flying out of the sky and further footage showed a person walking around the streets showing tens of lifeless birds on the ground.

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