Hunting sickos offered cut-price seal-shooting sessions with free beer to follow

Hunting sickos are being offered cut-price seal-shooting sessions – washed down with free beer.

Russian tour guides have slashed £1,400 from the price of the bloody breaks due to a slowdown in bookings because of the pandemic.

For £5,000 hunters get a high-powered rifle, five nights in a lodge, all meals and free beer and wine.

The cull takes place in Russia’s remote Karelia region near its border with Finland where ringed seals bask on the shores of the White Sea.

The firm running the trips – which advertises in the UK – promises 'unique hunting opportunities’ and an `abundance of game’.

It suggests customers do not have to be sharp-shooters as snoozing seals are easy targets.

"Seal are hunted at the White sea shore,’’ the company says.

"This time of the year they are resting on shore stones and can be easily harvested.’’

The firm says tourists can also bag a range of birds including seagulls, geese, grouse and curlews.

Guests stay in two-storey two-bed cottages near the hunting lodge close to Lake Engozero.

Other hunting trips to Russia include the opportunity to kill wolves, brown bears, moose and birds.

One to Siberia, costing £6,583, says hunters have a 70% chance of bringing down a wolf.

A happy hunter said in a review: "Everything perfectly prepared.

"Excellent service and absolutely professional hunters.

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"I hunted a big brown bear, 2 capercaillie and 1 black grouse. My friend too.’’

Another reviewer added: "True Siberian Russian professionals.

"A lot of vodka, caviar, funny stories, a lot of trophies and amazing tasty soup!!!!’’

In 2009, Russia banned the killing of all baby harp seals after Vladimir Putin condemned the hunt as a "bloody business".

The move came after Russia's harp-seal population had dropped by a third in the previous decade to about 200,000.

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