‘I sleep with a teacher’s union member!’ Joe Biden quips one-liner during Labor day event

Kate Middleton and Jill Biden meet school leaders in Cornwall

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Two days after the country celebrated Labor day, President Biden marked the day in the White House by hosting American labor leaders and union members. In reference to his wife, President Biden told attendees: “I sleep with a teacher’s union member every night.”

The people in the audience applauded after Biden said: “Same one. same one.”

First lady Dr Jill Biden belongs to the National Education Association union.

Biden added: “Jill had her first day of full time teaching yesterday – this year, back to school.”

Jill Biden returned to working at Northern Virginia Community College, where she has worked since 2009.

She recently told Good Housekeeping magazine: “There are some things you just can’t replace, and I can’t wait to get back in the classroom.”

The President also spoke about some of the union-friendly legislation he aims to pass as President.

Quoting his father when he spoke about the union movement Mr Biden said: “Everyone is entitled to be treated with dignity.

“And that is what the labor union is all about.”

The President added at the event: “Government should never be a barrier to workers organizing.”

“It’s the government’s job to remove those barriers.

He added: “But it’s up to workers to make the choice to organize or not, whether to form a union or not. And we need to help them understand why that can be the right choice for them.

“Workers who join unions gain power. In a simple word, a union means there is a democracy, democracy.”

Labor Day, celebrated on September 6, was first introduced in 1882 when the unions of New York held a parade to celebrate their members being in unions.

Mr Biden’s Labor day comments come after he suffered a gaffe while addressing a crowd in New York following the devastating flooding caused by Hurricane Ida.

In a video shared online, President Biden told some onlooking children not to jump off a balcony.

He said to a boy in the crowd: “By the way, the neat thing about America, every time we end up with a problem going into a serious circumstance, we come out better than when we came in.”

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“That’s because we are so diverse, that’s America. Be proud of it.”

“And don’t jump.”

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