I take my stuffed dead dog everywhere – she even helped me get a girlfriend

A man believes that his dog helped him find love during the lockdown, despite the fact that his pooch has been dead for eight years.

Mitch Byer and his Jack Russell Terrier Phoebe are inseparable. After her death, Phoebe was taken to the taxidermist to be preserved.

Since then, the two have even gone on vacations together. Mitch, 31, documents his adventures with Phoebe on Instagram under the handle @mydeaddogandme, which has amassed over 6,000 followers, reports TeamDogs.

The beloved family pet passed away in 2013. But one day Mitch came home to find that his mother had taken the strange step of getting her stuffed and preserved. Upon seeing his dead dog sitting on top of the kitchen table, he burst out laughing.

The stuffed terrier shot to stardom in 2017 when a photo of Mitch’s car went viral. The dog could be seen in the passenger seat of his car with a sign that read ‘Don’t worry, the dog is already dead. She’s taxidermied. Please don’t break my window.’

Recently, Mitch and his new girlfriend, Jamie, joined Phillip and Holly on ITV’s This Morning from Oregon, after they coupled up during the pandemic thanks to the preserved pup.

Mitch began online dating, and used a photo of himself and Phoebe on his dating profile.

He told the daytime TV duo: “I had so many mixed reactions. Some people thought it was cruel, most people did think it was pretty hysterical but it’s always a mixed bag of reactions, especially on social dating when you advertise a taxidermy dog with you.”

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But the taxidermy terrier didn’t put Jamie off dating Mitch – but Holly was interested to hear her initial reaction.

Jamie – who has a Husky called Nanook – said: “At first I wasn’t sure if it was a dead dog or an alive dog. She was cute either way! Once I realised that she was stuffed I thought it was hilarious. It made Mitch stand out!

“In lockdown you had to be selective with who you were going to spend your time with, and Mitch made the cut.”

Schofe joked: “You’re being selective who you pick, so you pick the guy who’s with the stuffed dead dog?”

Jamie fell for Mitch’s entertaining personality, and even introduced Nanook to Phoebe on a walk – which thankfully, didn’t end in Phoebe dying twice.

Holly asked Jamie if, when the time comes, she would have Nanook preserved via taxidermy.

She admitted she’d considered it, but was still 50/50 on the matter, adding: “My mum always joked about stuffing our childhood dog. So to see it happen makes it possibly a reality. Hopefully I have some years to decide!”

To which Holly responded: “You’d need a big freezer!”

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