If I die, I die with hot coffee, says Ukrainian soldier in Amazon mug review

A Ukrainian soldier, who appears to be a frontline paramedic, has posted a positive review of a smart mug bought on Amazon with the words "If I die, I die with hot coffee".

Russia's invasion of Ukraine has hit almost every facet of our lives, from rolling news channel coverage to a cost of living crisis – Vladimir Putin's actions have affected us all.

And now it has started to appear on Amazon, after the female Ukrainian soldier reviewed an electric smart mug from the front line of war.

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Known only as “Sasha”, the Ukrainian soldier had bought a Homealexa brand smart mug, and gave it a five star review.

But it is her comments, posted back in April – two months after the start of war – that sparked interest.

She wrote: “If I die I die, in this war as a paramedic in Ukraine but with a cup of hot coffee.

“It is an excellent purchase preserved for more than 12 hours at 60 ° coffee.

“Thanks to the manufacturers, here in Ukraine I highly recommend it.”

She posted two photos of herself, in army gear, holding the flask – which does look like it had been through a few wars itself.

The company Homealexa produces a random list of items, including a mosquito swatter and a gold metal detector.

The fate of the woman – and the mug – are unknown, and no other details about her were given in the review, probably for security reasons.

Ukrainians have been praised for their macabre reaction to the war.

One such person was a fighter from Ukraine’s elite 10th Special Forces Detachment – known as the Shaman battalion for their “supernatural” ability to infiltrate enemy position undetected – who revealed how he always aims his gun at his opponents groin.

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The man, who used the code-name “Twenty Two” in his interview with The Times recently, explained that Ukrainian fighters try to engage the Russians at point-blank range to avoid the invaders’ artillery.

Twenty Two said: The first guy that saw me…he didn’t expect us.

“He was afraid and I just shot him from maybe seven metres away, underneath the [bulletproof] plate carrier.

“You’re always shooting at the balls, there is not enough protection there, it’s 100% to kill the enemy."

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