IKEA customers forced to sleep in stores beds and sofas after being snowed in

A group of IKEA shoppers were forced to sleep in the store after heavy snowfall left them blocked in.

The sleep-in of the 31 people at the Aalborg, Denmark branch of the furniture shop happened on Wednesday night.

Six customers and 25 staff, although not short of places to sleep in a shop adorned with beds and couches, had to spend the night there after the snowfall brought traffic in the region to a total standstill, and also forced the closure of all public transport.

The group centred themselves in the restaurant area, watching football and Christmas television to pass the time, local media reported.

Ikea Aalborg's store manager, who also had to sleep in the store, Peter Elmose, said: “This is certainly a new situation for us.

“It’s certainly not how I thought my day would end when I drove to work this morning.

“Our kitchen staff have made sure there is hot chocolate, pastries, soft drinks, coffee and the odd beer for us in light of the occasion.

“So we’ll be able to keep warm.

“We couldn’t just send them outside and lock the door behind them at our 8pm closing time. Absolutely not. So of course they’ll be staying here.”

Given the current pandemic, all 'guests' slept in different parts of the store – the country saw another 5,120 coronavirus cases yesterday, which is an average of around 4,299 every seven days.

Meanwhile, 300 passengers in the city's airport were forced to sleep inside the terminal overnight.

Flights stopped early into the afternoon yesterday, and buses were unable to transfer passengers to nearby hotels.

Aalborg Airport operations manager Kim Bermann told Nordjyske told loca news: “We have around 300 people in the terminal right now and have been giving out blankets on the assumption they will be staying here tonight.

“We have chosen to keep them warm and dry in a secure area.”

The weather in the area for the next week shows constant snow, and sub-zero temperatures.

There is no confirmation as to whether the shoppers or passengers were able to the leave temporary hotels or not.

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