Inside Ghislaine Maxwell’s requested prison home like Disneyland

Ghislaine Maxwell sentenced to 20 years in prison

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Ghislaine Maxwell, 60, was convicted in December of recruiting and trafficking four teenage girls for sexual abuse by former financier Jeffrey Epstein, her then boyfriend. On Tuesday, June 28, the British former socialite was fined £750,000 and sentenced to 20 years in prison, of which her lawyers have requested it to be the BOP facility in Danbury.

After spending 23 months in Brooklyn’s “notorious” Metropolitan Detention Center, Ms Maxwell hopes to be transferred to Danbury Federal Correctional Institution in Connecticut.

This transfer is said to be largely based on the address she has given to live after serving her sentence, but it’s due to be quite the step up from her last institution if the court agrees.

While Ms Maxwell’s offences are too grievous to place her in a ‘minimum-security’ or open prison, which is the typical destination for white-collar criminals, Danbury doesn’t appear to be too far off.

The low-security facility housing both male and female inmates is said to have been partly used as inspiration for prison drama Orange is the New Black’s Litchfield Correctional Institution.

The prison has held previous notable inmates including singer Lauryn Hill, Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice, and Piper Kerman, author of ‘Orange is the New Black’, and has been described to be ‘like Disneyland’ in comparison to Brooklyn, according to federal prison consultant Justin Paperny.

Aerial footage of Danbury shows a baseball pitch, a running track, and perfectly manicured lawns.

The facility is said to offer a “wide variety of hobby crafts”, gardening, and music programmes for inmates to learn instruments, as well as various other wellness programmes.

These include activities such as circuit training, aerobics, yoga, and ‘over-50s’ fitness and nutrition.

The prison also runs a whole host of sports leagues, including the likes of basketball, volleyball and racquetball.

However, before Ms Maxwell would be able to get involved in any activities, authorities will need to assess the level of security she’ll need while incarcerated.

Ms Maxwell’s lawyers claimed after one of Ms Maxwell’s fellow inmates was allegedly offered money to murder her and planned to “strangle her in her sleep,”, indicating that “there are numerous prison inmates who would not hesitate to kill Ms Maxwell — whether for money, fame, or simple ‘street cred’”.

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Psychologists will also need to evaluate Ms Maxwell’s mental state to determine whether or not she needs to be placed on suicide watch or be further isolated from other inmates.

However, whether or not Ms Maxwell is transferred to this institution is yet to be determined.

The Telegraph reported a source to say she’ll serve at least three years in a US prison – of which officials are likely to place her in a high-security jail away from media intrusion – before applying to transfer to a British jail for the remainder of her sentence.

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