Inside Putins insane security – from hidden bodyguards to bulletproof suitcases

Russia's President Vladimir Putin is flanked 24/7 by a team of highly trained bodyguards armed with bulletproof briefcases who are permitted to kill anyone they perceive as a threat to him.

Putin has been in power in Russia since 1999 and has always ruled with an iron fist, so its no surprise he takes his security detail incredibly seriously.

The Federal Protective Service is responsible for the security of Putin and other high-ranking state officials and has over 50,000 employees.

It has the right to conduct searches and surveillance without warrants, make arrests, and give orders to other state agencies.

Before every foreign trip, Putin makes a crack team of guards fly out to the destination and forensically check out every possible threat.

This includes little things like hotel rooms and big things like the roads the president travels on, lest he fall victim to a drive-by shooting.

And even when Vlad is on stage making his speeches in public areas, he is as protected as it is possible to be.

When Putin is in public he is flanked by four levels of guards, but only one section is ever visible.

The first layer is dressed as you would expect and are designed to deter any attackers.

They are constantly alert to any danger and often carry bulletproof briefcases and kevlar umbrellas which are designed to protect Putin from bullets.

Naturally, they're also dressed for the offensive and each carries a 9-mm ‘Gurza’ pistol that can shoot 40 rounds a minute.

The second sinister layer of protection is not actually around the president but located in the crowds.

There undercover plain-clothed agents are permitted to stalk and act on any threatening behaviour they see towards Putin.

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The third circle of guards is located on the crowd's perimeter and the fourth layer comes in the form of snipers from the roofs, who are told to snuff out any danger immediately.

Should all of these layers fail, there is also an armoured car escort nearby loaded with a military attachment of heavily gunned soldiers.

If you wanted to get close to Putin then, you wouldn't have much luck.

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