Inside Wild Night club with strippers and fraudsters after Brit killed by booze

Seven people in Poland have been arrested following the death of a British tourist who died of alcohol poisoning after being forced to down 22 shots in and hour and a half at a strip club in Krakow.

Mark Cocks, 36, died in 2017 after being plied with spirits at the Wild Night club.

The seven arrested are thought to be part of an organised crime gang behind several other deaths of foreigners, who were allegedly drugged and robbed at the notorious club.

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Cocks' sister Samantha is demanding justice to be served and told the Sun that her and her family had been told that "nobody was being held accountable" for her brother's death.

The club had become infamous for its treatment of punters but following Cocks' death, it closed.

Cocks' family had made continual warning to others not to go to the club were Mark met his untimely death.

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Samantha herself commented on the club's review page, writing: "My brother's death in this vile establishment needs to be made aware of!"

Another woman who identified as Cocks' aunt commented: "Dodgy b******s, they are scum, it was my nephew who died in this bar."

Others on TripAdviser have also posted their horror stories.

User Frantz warned: "Stay away from this place. In short, we were pepper sprayed by security and badly beaten.

"The women tried to rob us for money."

Another user, Lars, claimed he and his brother were spiked at the club.

"When my brother paid, they added an extra zero to his bill turning it to £470 from £47," he wrote.

"He said it was way too much and instead of getting his money back he got kicked out."

The club was raided last year along with 20 others nationwide in a crackdown following widespread complaints from ripped off customers.

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In the same year as Cocks's death, a Turkish man also died in a strip bar, owned by the same company, in Wrocław after downing five drinks in 20 minutes.

When he refused to drink any more, a dancer forcibly poured two more glasses into his mouth, all of which was caught on CCTV.

The man collapsed to the floor, and eventually stopped breathing.

Meanwhile, a Scottish man said he popped into the Krakow joint for a pint before chancing his mind, but found his credit card had been stripped of nearly £1,000.

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