Jeff Bezos billion-pound willy-shaped rocket will thrust 83-yr-old at 2,300mph

Billionaire Jeff Bezos is set to blast off into space on Turesday aboard his willy-shaped New Shepard rocket.

The former Amazon boss will follow the lead of fellow tycoon Richard Branson, who went into the heavens on board his Virgin Galactic rocket plane last week.

Bezos, 57, who is also competing in the space race with Tesla mogul Elon Musk, will fire into the sky from a Texas launchpad on the 52nd anniversary of the 1969 Apollo 11 moon landings.

Here we looks at more out-of-this-world numbers behind the event…

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1… it’s the first human mission for Bezos’ Blue Origin outfit, set up in 2000 to pioneer cheap space travel.

2…pm. When the 59ft New Shepard, named after US astronaut Alan Shepard, will blast off our time. It’s fully automated with no pilots. You can watch on Blue Origin’s You Tube channel.

3…minutes. The time it takes for the rocket to detach from the capsule and how long those inside have to experience weightlessness before the craft heads back to earth, floating down with three parachutes.

4… number of passengers that will be aboard including Bezos’ firefighter brother Mark, 53. There’s actually room for six.

5…feet. How tall you have to be to be a passenger. You can be up to 6ft 4in and have to weigh more than 7st 12lb but less than 16st. You also have to be able to climb seven flights of stairs in 90 seconds.

6…the number of 4ft high observation windows located in the capsule – the largest in space and three times as big as the ones on a 747 jet.

11…minutes. How long the entire flight is set to last, compared to Branson’s 90-minute journey.

15… the number of unmanned tests of the New Shepard rocket there have been to date.

18… the age of Dutch physics student Oliver Daemen who will fly with Bezos, after being gifted the place by his wealthy dad. He’ll become the youngest person in space.

55…miles. How high Branson went in VSS Unity – enough to make you an astronaut according to NASA.

62…miles. How far up New Shepard will go, across the Kármán line which some say marks the real boundary of space.

82… age of US female aviation pioneer Wally Funk, who’ll also be aboard. She’ll become the oldest person in space.

2300…mph. The speed New Shepard will reach. The rocket can land back at the landing site at a speed of just 5mph, the capsule at 1mph.

23,000… how many people have signed a cheeky petition not to allow Bezos re-entry to Earth.

110,000… pounds of thrust generated by New Shepard when it blasts off thanks to its liquid hydrogen-fuelled rocket engine.

20million pounds. How much an original anonymous winner of an auction to fly with Bezos paid. They couldn’t take up the seat because of “scheduling conflicts” so Daeman got the nod instead.

1billion… how much Bezos has been investing in his space programme annually.

27billion…pounds. Value of his divorce settlement with wife Mackenzie in 2019. He now dates TV star Lauren Sanchez.

132billion…pounds. How much Bezos is estimated to be worth, currently the richest person in the world.

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