Just Stop Oil blockades take over EU as German drivers drag protesters

Just Stop Oil: Driver reveals he missed father’s funeral

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Climate activists staged sit-ins on the roads of Berlin in blockades inspired by the Just Stop Oil’s actions held in and around London. Germany’s capital has been crippling with road blockades organised by Letze Generation (Last Generation) in what appears to be the first in a series of climate actions in European capitals. Two motorists took the matter into their own hands and dragged the activists off road.

After throwing one protester onto the pavement, the two motorists move on to drag another protester off the road under applause from German onlookers. 

But the first activist stands up and goes back to his original position, sitting down in the middle of the road and disrupting traffic as drivers honk their horn in protest.

The move draws the ire of one of the motorists who grabs him by his orange reflective vest before dropping him on the road.

As tension rises among drivers, a grey van threatens to plough through the protesters by moving closer to the protester.

In a funal push, a motorist ends up grabbing the activist by his orange vest and drags him out of the road in a bid to clear the road.

Similary to Just Stop Oil, Letzte Generation called for the end of fossil fuel extraction “because we are all the last generation that may still be able to stop the complete ecological collapse of the earth, whether we want it or not”, the orgganisation’s website says. 

In neighbouring France, climate activists from Dernière Rénovation held commuters hostages on the outskirts of Paris until furious drivers ripped apart their banners and dragged them off the road.

“You’re breaking my b****, I’m going to lose my job. I’m going to kill you,” a motorist reportedly shouted at the climate activists.

After a 30-minute sit-in, 9 protesters were taken into custody by the French police. The protests followed a string of blockades held on Paris’ A22 mortorway. 

“We are the last generation capable of preventing societal collapse,” says the website as the organisation calls for the isolation of buildings amid rising energy bills.

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The European protests come as Just Stop Oil activists have climbed up gantries on London’s M25 motorway since Monday, disrupting traffic. 

Violence escalated on Wednesday morning, as a roads policing officer was hurt after a lorry smashed into a roadblock put in place where the protest was staged. 

The collision caused a partial road closure between J26 and J27, further delaying the commuter’s journey. BJ Harrington, chief constable of Essex Police, told The Telegraph he was “devastated” that the officer was hurt on Wednesday responding to the climate activists’ latest motorway stunt. 

Secretary Suella Braverman joined the Essex police in condemning the group’s “guerilla tactics” and expressed her “thoughts and best wishes” to the injured officer. 

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