Kate and Wills are power couple with gesture in New Year snap, says expert

Prince William and Kate Middleton’s subtle gesture indicated their intentions to become a “power couple” this year, a body language expert has claimed.

To welcome in the New Year, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge released a picture on Twitter, taken on the night of the James Bond premiere.

The photo, which shows the couple looking relaxed, was praised by a royal commentator as making Wills and Kate appear “relatable”, and royal fans enjoyed the spectacle of Kate’s sparkling dress.

Now, body language expert Jesus Enrique Rosas has claimed that the popular picture contained a subtle statement that the pair intend to develop their status as a “power couple” this year.

“In William and Katherine’s case it is not hard at all to confirm that both of their facial expressions are in sync with each other,” Jesus began, speaking in a video on his YouTube channel.

“And that is a clue about how they’re planning to take on this new year; with full synchronisation as a power couple.”

Jesus focused in on the couple’s hands, suggesting that this captured their mutual relationship.

“Having her left hand over his is a gesture of protection, possession, and sometimes power as well,” Jesus explained.

“It’s a nice balance with the fact that she’s leaning onto him, but at the same time she’s got a powerful hand gesture over his [hand].

“But it’s not just her left hand, because her right one serves as a rest for his… reinforcing the effect that Katherine’s sending the message that she’s got William.”

Examining the couple’s hands more closely, Jesus emphasised that it is important to examine the tension in a couple’s fingers when considering what feelings body language might convey.

“You can see that Katherine’s hands don’t have much tension,” he continued. “So it’s more of a loving than a controlling gesture.”

Tying up his conclusions, Jesus suggested: “The real deal about the Cambridges picking out this picture to wish everyone a happy new year, is how they are embracing 2022 with joy and excitement, and most importantly, in a joint effort.

“This is critical because we are used, in most power couples in the world, to be seen as totally independent from each other.

“They are sending the signal that they will be working side-by-side in their initiatives.”

This comes as Kate celebrates her 40th birthday this weekend (January 9).

Although her sister-in-law Meghan Markle decided to launch the 40×40 initiative to mark the occasion, a royal commentator has suggested that Kate will opt for a more “low-key” affair.

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