Kate Middleton keeps close eye on Louis as he steals show with balcony antics

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  • Prince Louis had 'no idea why he was waving" on the Buckingham Palace balcony during King Charles' Coronation, a body language expert has revealed.

    But, as his grandfather was enjoying the delights of his long-awaited Coronation, Louis was determined to put his own unique slant on that time honoured tradition, the royal wave.

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    In exclusive body language analysis for the Daily Star, Adrianne Carter – known as the Face Whisperer – has revealed exactly what was going on during that balcony moment as Louis once again took centre stage.

    She told us: "Louis is up to his tricks with his perfunctory wave – he has no idea why he's doing it but has been told to wave so is giving it his signature style

    "They make a very relaxed-looking family on the balcony – there's no sign of tension but Kate is keeping an eye on Louis closely in case he gets too animated.

    "Louis gives us more of his comedy waving – he's a joy but has been kept well under control today so he doesn't become too much of a distraction."

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    The young prince had already delighted royal fans earlier on Saturday when he as seen yawning and fidgeting during the service for his grandfather the King’s coronation.

    The five-year-old royal attended Westminster Abbey with his parents the Prince and Princess of Wales and siblings Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

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    He held hands with his sister as the pair walked behind their parents as they made their way into the abbey.

    During the first half of the ceremony, Louis could be seen letting out a big yawn, while also taking the opportunity to point out something of interest to his sister Charlotte.

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    He yawned again shortly after the King was crowned, just after midday.

    Shortly afterwards, television footage showed he was no longer sitting in the row.

    It is understood that plans were in place for him to leave the service at some point.

    However, he returned for the national anthem at the end of the service and the procession out of the abbey. Footage showed him singing God Save The King.

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