Kim Jong-un fury: North Korea issues ‘invisible enemies’ warning – despite awkward truth

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The state-run Workers’ Party Newspaper highlighted the risk in an piece published earlier this month. The article states: “The imperialists’ moves for ideological and cultural poisoning are getting ever more vicious to disintegrate us from within by benumbing our people’s revolutionary consciousness.

Today the imperialists are desperately scheming to cleverly hide their rotten ideology and culture in texts, melodies, and daily necessities

Workers’ Party Newspaper

It continues: “Invisible enemies are more terrible than those we can see.

“Today the imperialists are desperately scheming to cleverly hide their rotten ideology and culture in texts, melodies, and daily necessities.”

Other socialist revolutions had been undermined as a result of young people who “became addicted to the punk-style that the imperialists had spread”, the paper added.

Recent weeks have seen an apparent crackdown on western culture in the Hermit State.

In March, the US-backed news agency Radio Free Asia suggested the parents of teenagers found to have western pop music on their mobile phones were facing draconian punishments.

RFA today reported Government officials had launched a bizarre war on sex.

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One source said: “More high school boys and girls are engaging in immoral sexual deviance.”

The 36-year-old’s love love of foreign music and sport is no secret, in the west at least, nor is it surprising, given he was educated at an exclusive private school in Switzerland in the 1990s.

As a student in Bern, Kim was reportedly a huge fan of James Bond – possibly the ultimated imperialist – as well as the sorts of video games North Korean youngsters are unlikely to be encouraged to play.

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Famously, his obsession with basketball, and particularly the Chicago Bulls, resulted in an unlikely friendship with NBA legend Dennis Rodman, who visited PyongYang and met Kim in 2013.

Rodman later spoke of Kim’s love of rock music, particularly Pearl Jam, Van Halen and the Rolling Stones

He also talking about a drunken karaoke session the pair enjoyed, telling Mike Tyson’s Hotboxin’ podcast: “We’re getting drunk as s***, stuff like that.

“He gets up, starts singing karaoke, have no clue what the f*** he’s talking about. Everyone’s clapping.”

Rodman is also on record as saying Kim “watches a lot of movies” as well as being obsessed with vintage video games such as Pacman and Donkey Kong.

Bizarrely, Kim even attended a concert in 2012 – a year after his father Kim Jong-il’s death and his subsequent accession as leader – involving dancers dressed as Disney characters, according to reports at the time.

Kim’s love of Hennessy’s cognac also seems to fly in the face of ideological concerns about western decadence.

In 2011, the Wall Street Journal reported he was the world’s largest buyer for two years in the 1990s, spending a whopping £650,000 annually on the stuff.

Hennessy subsequently reported there had been no negative impact on sales as a result of the reports.

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