King Charles had no idea what cling film was and shrieked first time he saw it

King Charles III reportedly 'shrieked' the first time he saw cling film – as he had no idea what it was.

The former Prince of Wales was crowned King in his proclamation last Saturday, following the sad passing of his mother Queen Elizabeth II at Balmoral. A number of revelations have since emerged about Charles' alleged mannerisms, from skipping lunch to working up until midnight.

However, one of the more bizarre claims has come from author Tom Bower, who penned a book about Charles' late father Prince Philip, entitled Rebel Prince. In the book, Bower claims Philip was taken aback by his son's lack of understanding and familiarity with the real world.

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The book reads: "He walked into the dining room and shrieked. Fearing the worst, Camilla dashed in after him. ‘What’s this?’ asked her husband, pointing at the food.

"'It's cling film, darling,' she replied."

Buckingham Palace opted not to comment on the revelations after extracts from the book were first published in the Guardian, therefore it is unclear whether the scenario actually happened or if it has been fabricated.

In the book, Bower also claims Charles' needs are catered for by a team of more than 120 staff, while he is said to frequently changes his clothes, sometimes up to four times per day.

Candid footage of the King has come to light in recent days, filming him becoming annoyed when signing some documents. Charles was clearly bothered as he signalled to a member of staff to clear an item from the desk he was writing on as he felt it was in the way.

In a separate video, he was also seen getting very irate at a pen for leaking and covering his hand in ink whilst signing a book at Hillsborough Castle, Belfast. Charles complained that he 'couldn't bear this bloody thing' as he wiped his hands, while Camilla told aides that the pen was leaking and they needed a replacement.

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Since then, it appears Charles has taken matters into his own hands by carrying his own fountain pen with him on their final stop of the four nations in Wales. He was pictured signing a book at the end of a service in honour of the Queen in Llandaff Cathedral, after which he popped the pen back into the inside pocket of his blazer.

Charles is now preparing for his mother's funeral on Monday while thousands of people have been queuing for hours to see the Queen lying-in-state at Westminster Hall as they pay their respects to the beloved monarch.

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