La Palma volcano LIVE: Plume of black smoke erupts as lava enters sea – toxic gas fears

La Palma volcano spews lava as it continues to erupt

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The molten rock fell from a cliff 100 metres high and created a plume of black smoke when it came into contact with the water.

An exclusion zone of two nautical miles has been declared around where the lava was expected to enter the sea and nearby residents have been warned not to leave their homes.

Yesterday, the island registered a total of 29 earthquakes, ranging from 2-3.3 on the Richter scale.

When the volcano last erupted in 1971, one man was killed by inhalation of its toxic gases.



  • Lava reaches the sea08:12
  • Lava reaches the sea

    At around 11pm local time on Monday, the lava finally reached the sea after 9 days of eruption, causing experts to fear the release of toxic gases. 

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