Labour leader Keir Starmer calls for ‘circuit break lockdown’ after cases surge

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Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has called for a "circuit break" lockdown after a surge in UK coronavirus cases.

Starmer spoke in response to Prime Minister Boris Johnson's introduction of new measures for the UK on Monday.

He said: "The government has not got a credible plan to slow infections. It has lost control of the virus and it is no longer following scientific advice.

"There's no longer time to give this Prime Minister the benefit of the doubt. The government's plan simply isn't working. Another course is needed"

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Starmer refused to criticise the 10pm curfew on hospitality venues, saying: "We're not going to vote down a package of restrictions because restrictions are needed"

On Twitter Starmer wrote: "We are at a decisive moment in the fight against the coronavirus. That’s why I'm calling for a circuit break in England – to protect the NHS, fix testing and get control of the virus."

He said he wants action "very similar" to the initial lockdown but with schools remaining open which he said is "in line" which what the government's scientists have recommended.

The Labour leader said tougher action now is better off in the long term for the economy, adding it will "save money in the long run".

Labour MP Rebecca Long-Bailey, demanded in a House of Commons debate for government ministers to "actually follow the science and bring down transmission with a short national circuit breaker and a reform to test, track, trace and isolate".

She added: "Frankly, the pandemic strategy so far has been akin to throwing a glass of water on a chip pan fire and the government needs to change course today".

Labour backbencher Sam Tarry, MP for Ilford South, wrote to Health Secretary Matt Hancock on Tuesday also calling for a circuit breaker lockdown across London.

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