Lethbridge businesses offer meal and liquor delivery for Easter weekend amid COVID-19 crisis

This year’s Easter dinner may feel different because of the COVID-19 crisis but several Lethbridge restaurants are making sure people can still get their hands on a delicious and fully prepped turkey dinner.

Honkers Pub and Eatery is one of those restaurants.

Vanden Hoek said her restaurant can drop off the meals on people’s doorsteps as well, as a way of practising social distancing.

Offering turkey meal packages is something the pub has never done before, but they’ve already sold dozens of them with a couple more waiting to be delivered.

Vanden Hoek said she is grateful for how the community has been supporting local businesses through this uncertain time.

She added that she’s happy to have her employees working again because laying them off was one of the hardest things she’s ever had to do in her life.

“Within hours, we actually sold out and we found way more product and we were able to bring more staff back on board to help provide some meals for people, and also employ them,” Vanden Hoek said.

“The packages… I wanted to reach out and be back into some sort of routine,” said Chelsea Meyering, the pub manager.

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“I mean, it’s not my normal routine, but it’s a new routine. It’s a new experience. It’s a new learning curve.”

She said Honkers has a cafe at Perlich Bros. Auction Mart in Lethbridge County, where take-out and delivery services are being offered as well on auction days: Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Meyering said the location is great for truckers who may be looking for a warm meal. She said restaurant closures due to COVID-19 have been greatly impacting those who travel on the road for a living.

Meyering said everyone is welcome to order from that establishment as well, whether they work in the surrounding industrial area or are just driving by.

Payments can be made through e-transfer to limit contact, and for those looking to complement their meal with some adult beverages, the pub is also now selling liquor for take-out.

For folks who need the perfect wine pairing to go with their holiday meal, the Wine Cavern has been catering to those needs.

“Usually we have people phone in and ask us what to recommend with Easter, and we’ll recommend depending on whether they’re having turkey or ham,” said Shaun Peacock, the owner of the Wine Cavern. “Feel free to call us and we’ll help with all your needs.”

After having to lay off some of his employees with a heavy heart, Peacock has been making deliveries after work to ensure families can still get their orders in time for Easter.

He said the Wine Cavern has been in business for the past 18 years, and he is working hard to ensure it can continue to do so.

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