Lions attack buffalo as it faces near-certain death – but then its herd arrives

Dramatic footage shows the moment a group of hungry lions attack a lone buffalo before its pals come to its rescue and fling one of the big cats through the air with their horns.

The scene was captured by Jonty Bozas, who was leading a tour through the MalaMala Game Reserve in South Africa on August 22.

During the tour, they came upon nine lions stalking a herd of buffalo.

"There were nine lions in the sighting and they were actively hunting the buffalo for about four hours," the 35-year-old guide said.

"During the morning that was the second time that they had managed to get on the back of a buffalo."

In the clip shared by Jonty, the poor buffalo makes a distress call to its herd while it tries to wring a lion off its back.

Another three big cats sink their paws onto the beast's hind legs while the rest of group wait for their shot to pounce on their prey.

Despite valiantly defending itself, it looks like the poor buffalo is doomed as the nine full-sized lions swarm it.

But on of its herd answers the call and come charging at the lions with its horns – scooping one of them up and sending it flying through air.

The rest of the buffalo then manage to send the remaining predators running.

"The rest of the herd came to the aid of the buffalo," Jonty said.

"The bulk of the herd had moved off by the time the lions managed to single out a buffalo bull but when they heard their fellow buffalo bellowing for help they came to the rescue.

"The lion that had been hit ran off before joining back up with the pride.

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"It is a radical sighting, and we were lucky that it happened right in the open and that I was able to see some cool footage was or is a huge bonus."

After being uploaded online, Jonty's video created a stir, with many commenters calling the buffalo "lucky".

"Power in numbers. Very cool," one said while another added: "Wowzers! What an epic sighting. Just in the nick of time!"

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