Lottery punter admits he plans to spend winnings on 5 kilos of coke on live TV

A man in the US shocked a reporter live on air after he told her he would buy cocaine if he had won the lottery.

The man, known as James, was speaking to KSLA TV at a store in Shreveport in Louisiana regarding the almost $700 dollar Powerball jackpot.

Reporter Kori Johnson asked James what he would spend the money on if he managed to win the huge amount of money.

His comments start off normal enough with a brand new car but the conversation quickly changes when he tells her he would spend the cash on ‘five kilos’ of drugs.

James said: “Well, I’m definitely going to get a new supercharged Mustang with dual exhausts, and about five kilos of cocaine, and I’ll be good to go.”

Remaining a true professional, Johnson quickly takes charge of the situation by pulling the microphone away from James before asking him “So you like cars?”

She then starts talking to the camera trying to divert away from the incident before handing over to KSLA anchor Doug Warner.

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Johnson said: “I don’t like cars. I don’t know what I would do with all of that money. I would have to sit on it, pray on it for a day. Figure out what I want to do with it.”

She stayed away from mentioning the drug comment and although many social media users found it hilarious, so many were impressed with how Johnson handled the situation.

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One user said: “Seriously though, @KoriJohnsonKSLA, as someone that has a degree in Broadcast News from UGA and has been in your shoes before (live shot interviews), the way you handled that was brilliant. Seemed like it barely phased you. Well done.”

Another wrote: “I’m more confused as to why he would SAY that on live TV!! Great job Kori!!”

Even Johnson responded to the incident on her Twitter account by saying: “Oh the wonders of live TV”.

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The clip went viral and has since been shown on US TV shows such as Jimmy Fallon Live! and The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.

James also did not get to follow through with his plans because he did not win the jackpot, as the winning ticket was found in California.

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