Machete killer who slaughtered kids and nursery staff ‘used to torture animals’

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A twisted killer who targeted three babies and two nursery workers with a machete was a loner who liked to torture animals, police said.

The horrifying attack unfolded in the Brazilian city of Saudades on Tuesday, May 4.

Officers descended on the nursery, the Creche Aquarela Bercario, and arrested an 18-year-old man who had plunged the knife into his own neck, abdomen and chest.

He has since been identified as Fabiano Kipper Mai, and is receiving treatment at hospital.

Mai was bullied at school and vented his frustrations by torturing animals, according to police.

Commissioner Jeronimo Marcal Ferreira said during a press conference: “He was a troublesome young man, who, according to people close to him, suffered from bullying and had been abusing some animals.

“He was introspective and locked himself in the room for hours.”

Keli Adriane Aniecevski, 30, and Mirla Renner, 20, tragically died in the attack.

The children were identified as Sarah Luiza Mahle Sehn, Murilo Massing and Anna Bela Fernandes de Barros.

Mai struck each of the victims five times with a machete, and tried to enter another locked room where teachers were protecting approximately 20 children.

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Another one-year-old boy suffered stab wounds to his abdomen, face, and was left with a punctured lung.

He is now recovering in an intensive care unit after undergoing surgery.

Staff member Aline Biazebetti said: "He was badly injured. It is very sad.

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“We never expected that, ever, for someone to come in and do something like that.

"There is no explanation for what this guy did.”

Anna’s dad Leonardo Felipe Fernandes de Barros said he had “no words” to explain his grief, G1 reported.

Describing his daughter, he said: “She is a real angel. One of her first words was just 'affection’.”

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Leonardo added: “She was always running and smiling. She always made friends wherever she was.”

Keli had been teaching at the nursery for around 10 years before the tragedy took place.

Her cousin Silvane Elfel said: "She was a cheerful person, always willing, friendly, charismatic always, helping others when she could.

“So, it is a sadness that I cannot explain, I have no explanation for that.”

Authorities later found two packages of knives at Mai’s home.

Classes in the municipality of Saudades were cancelled for the rest of the week, and a raft of tributes have been let at the scene.

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The Governor of Santa Catarina, Carlos Moises, earlier wrote on Twitter: "Devastating news of the slaughter recorded in the municipality of Saudades victimizing children and teachers at a daycare center this Tuesday morning.

"My solidarity with families, the school community and all residents of the welcoming city of our West.

"All the energies of the security forces in the region must be used to clarify this tragic episode.”

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