Man accidentally shoots himself while weeing in busy Tube station sparking chaos

A man managed to shoot himself in the leg by accident when he was weeing in a busy tube station.

Shawn Santiago, 39, initially told cops he was the victim of a stray bullet, CBS New York reported.

But he later admitted he accidentally took the shot, which hit his upper leg while he was relieving himself at Times Square subway station.

Local worker Steven Stewart told the local news channel: “This is nasty.

"It feels like the 1980s and ’90s again."

“Clean this up, man. I work here. Clean it up. We need it."

Harlem resident Tina Sims added: “I think we need more people out here.

"I think we need more cops out here. I don’t think it’s safe at all."

The unfortunate "peeshooter" was shamed on the front page of the New York Daily News this afternoon, quickly gaining local celebrity status.

Cops said Santiago has gang ties and has been arrested multiple times before for previous offences including assault.

He will be okay but will face charges, they added.

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What those charges are wasn't immediately clear.

Carrying a loaded firearm on the subway, weeing in public, accidentally firing a gun – or all three.

Two weeks ago a Kentucky man fired shots out of his hotel room window, thinking there were aliens outside.

Samuel Riddell, 55, hit multiple cars in the parking lot and even a neighbouring room, cops said.

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But Samuel's niece Kim wrote on Facebook that her uncle was suffering an addiction.

She said: "Folks, be kind with what you say.

"This is my uncle and he has a beautiful heart.

"My heart is broken for him thinking of what could’ve possibly triggered this for him."

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