Man ‘kills 80-year-old mum and leaves her organs on welcome mat by front door’

A man has been charged with killing his 80-year-old mother and then brutally leaving her remains on a welcome mat inside her house.

Alfred Paratore called police in Massachusetts on Friday night, claiming to have found his mother Kathrine's organs placed on a mat inside her home with her propped topless against a wall.

Police arrived at the Lynn home to find Kathrine with multiple lacerations on her right collarbone and right hand.

Multiple bruises were also found on her neck, head and arms.

49-year-old Paratore has now been charged by police with murder over his mother's death after they found her dentures lying on her shoulder and entrails laid out in a grim welcome mat display.

Paratore originally called the police claiming he had arrived on a normal visit to his mother when he found her and her organs on the floor, CBS reported.

The police suspect that her body could have been laying in the home for a few days.

The suspected killer is said to have seemed nervous when questioned by police.

He was unable to answer the last time he'd seen or spoke his mother.

The 49-year-old son was also seen with dried blood on his left hand and police found scratches on his ear and cheek.

It is suspected that Paratore had been on drugs when questioned at the scene on Friday.

He was transported to a local hospital and given multiple does of Narcan, a nasal spray that is used to deter the effects of opioids.

Authorities ordered Paratore to undergo a mental health evaluation on Monday following the horrific scene on Friday night.

The 49-year-old pled not guilty in his arraignment earlier that day.

He is now being held without bail and until his next court date.

A Mexican butcher is currently on trial after 4,000 bone fragments were discovered under his home.

The butcher is accused of killing women, cutting them up and then eating their bodies.

3,717 bones unearthed beneath Andrés' concrete floors are leading prosecutors to suggest the victims may have been cut up after death.

The 72-year-old former butcher is alleged to of peeled the skin off the face of one suspected victim because he thought she was "very pretty".

He made the claim during a hearing where he was officially charged with killing the wife of a police officer.

It is believed his killings could go back several years after possessions and ID cards from people who had previously disappeared were found in the home.

Andrés has reportedly already confessed to five other murders.

He will stand trial over the killing of his last victim, a woman who he allegedly dismembered with a butcher's hacksaw and knives on May 14.

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