Man left with inch-long nail sticking out of head after freak gardening accident

A gardener ended up with an inch-long nail embedded in his eyeball after a freak lawnmower accident.

The shocking and almost unbelievable injury was documented in the International Journal of Surgery Case Reports last month.

A 58-year-old Italian man was mowing his lawn when the mower ran over an inch-long nail that flicked up and speared into his eye.

Incredibly, no lasting harm was done. The stricken gardener was rushed to a hospital in Verona where, with a little gentle persuasion, the metal shard was removed from his eyelid.

A graphic computer tomography (CT) scan showed that the high-speed garden shrapnel missed his left eyeball by a few millimetres.

However the jagged shard of metal embedded itself deep in his eyelid, effectively nailing his eye shut.

The wound was carefully cleaned to prevent infection and the patient was given a course of strong antibiotics. A month later the dressing was removed and the lucky – or unlucky depending on your point of view – man could see again.

It’s been a week for gruesome eye injuries. Australian bantamweight boxer Ebanie Bridges is normally known for her scanty attire at eight-ins but this week she was left with a horrifically swollen eye after an accidental clash of heads with opponent Shannon Courtenay.

"My weigh-in broke the internet," Bridges claimed after photos of her clad in lingerie went viral shortly before the WBA class, but afterwards all the attention was on the painful-looking injury which left her with a bloodshot 'Terminator' eyeball.

She could barely see out of her eye by the end of the fight, but over the past week, the swelling has reduced significantly.

The Blonde Bomber has seen the funny side on social media, posting a snap of her bloodshot eye alongside a picture of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s as The Terminator.

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