Man nearly dies after chugging beers on high wire Disney World cable car

A 30-year-old man almost fell out of a Disney gondola after downing two beers in half a minute.

Chase Holderby, from Florida, was reportedly arrested after the incident at Walt Disney World’s Epcot theme park.

He had earlier caused a scene at the venue's Food and Wine Festival when he was witnessed by security staff and fellow Disney visitors staggering around the American Adventure Pavilion and making lots of noise after necking the drinks.

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In the arrest report, it was also recorded that the man from Merritt Island, Florida was high-fiving people, shaking everyone's hands in queues and swaying on his feet.

He also got involved in a verbal spat with the people who he had come to the park with close to the Japan Pavilion.

Having then moved on to the Morocco Pavilion, security had seen enough and decided the time was right to ask Holderby to leave.

The report said: "We followed Holderby to the International Gateway exit while he took his shirt off and continued asking what he had done wrong."

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As he stumbled towards the Disney Skyliner gondolas, Holderby then began to scream, with a security deputy adding: "Once in the line queue, he continued to act belligerent and cause the crowd of people in line to become alarmed. While attempting to get him onto the physical gondola car, he wouldn’t initially get in and was dangerously close to falling into the area beneath where the attraction operates."

As a consequence, park staff had to bring the gondolas to a halt for Holderby's personal safety, which led to the "inconveniencing and delaying (of) all other riders".

After being given the opportunity to improve his behaviour following multiple warnings, married father-of-two Holderby was arrested on charges of trespassing and disorderly intoxication.


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