Marjorie Taylor-Greene: Has Marjorie Taylor-Greene been expelled from Congress?

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US politicians in the House of Representatives today held a vote on controversial GOP congresswoman Marjorie Taylor-Greene. Ms Greene, a freshman addition to the lower house following last year’s election, represents Georgia’s 14th district. She quickly raised alarm bells amongst noisey Democrats as controversial statements and actions from her past resurfaced.

Has Marjorie Taylor-Greene been expelled from Congress?

Ms Taylor-Greene became a controversial figure in the Capitol last month when details of her life before taking office arose.

The congresswoman, who was Vice President of Taylor Commercial, a company founded by her father before taking office, also posted support for local conspiracies.

According to CNN, she authored a blog post in 2017 following a deadly white nationalist rally at Charlottesville, Virginia calling it an “inside job”.

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Ms Greene also previously backed QAnon, a conspiracy which claims the ‘deep state’ wanted to overthrow former President Donald Trump.

She also liked social media posts calling for violence against Democratic lawmakers and claiming school shootings and the 9/11 attacks were staged.

Ms Greene has since disavowed the conspiracy, but house Democrats have claimed her views make her unsuitable for the committees she occupies.

The GOP placed her on the house education and budget committees last month.

Today’s congressional vote sought to decide whether the House of Representatives should strip Ms Greene of membership to her assigned committees.

Democrats argue her past comments make her unsuitable for these placements.

While Republicans publicly condemned her comments, they believe punishing a member for actions taken before their term should not impact their place in the lower house.

Republican minority leader Kevin McCarthy said he “made it clear” to Ms Greene that her comments to not mesh with the Republican Party.

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He added in a statement: “I also made clear that as a member of Congress we have a responsibility to hold ourselves to a higher standard than how she presented herself as a private citizen.

“Her past comments now have much greater meaning. Marjorie recognised this in our conversation.

“I hold her to her word, as well as her actions going forward.”

While the vote wouldn’t boot her from Congress, it would strip her of one of the core roles a US representative plays.

Lawmakers scheduled two votes today, and the first has already passed.

In a wholly partisan vote, the house chose to advance a resolution to remove her from her committees.

Republicans stayed unified as 209 voted to keep Ms Greene, while 218 Democrats voted to oust her.

Another vote later today will decide her fate in the lower chamber.

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