Meghan and Harry blaming everyone but themselves in Netflix doc, says expert

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry appear to 'blame everyone but themselves' in their upcoming Netflix docuseries, according to a royal expert.

Yesterday (Monday, December 5) the second trailer for the series, titled Harry & Meghan, was shared by the streaming giant.

In it, Harry slammed the "dirty game" of Royal Family life, lamented the "pain and suffering of women marrying into" the Firm and promised the "full truth".

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The first volume of the six-part series will be released on Thursday (December 8).

According to royal expert Daniela Elser, although it remains to be seen what type of revelations the Sussexes will make, it is pretty clear who is going to be implicated as responsible.

Writing for, Elser said: "So exactly who is to blame for things devolving such that the duke and duchess have ended up in the US flogging podcasts and an app and a vegan latte brand? Everyone but Harry and Meghan, this trailer would seem to argue.

"What is clear is that this is all someone else’s fault."

In one part of the trailer Harry says: "It’s really hard to look back on it now and go, what on earth happened?"

Elser reckons the answer is pretty simple: "They happened."

Giving two examples, Elser recalls that Meghan held a baby shower in a hotel suite that reportedly cost £223,000-a-night (£183,000), and that the pair "accidentally or intentionally" tried to keep Archie's birth and name under wraps.

"These were not cruel stories cooked up by the press but actual events that they were full participants in," Elser said.

The royal commentator went on to note that the release date for Harry and Meghan's series lands on the three-month anniversary of the Queen's death, in what she dubbed "a sad piece of symmetry".

She referenced a Telegraph story from this week which said that, "according to those who knew her best", Harry and Meghan's interview with Oprah left the Queen "devastated" and "disappointed".

Elser added: "Just imagine how this "global event" [the tagline for the new Netflix series] would have made her feel."

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