Meghan Markle ‘felt Brits didn’t understand her’ and wasn’t ‘great fan of UK’

Meghan Markle felt like the British "people didn’t understand her" and wasn’t a "great fan of England," a royal biographer has claimed.

The Duchess of Sussex, who wed Prince Harry in 2018, felt like "her heart" wasn’t in the UK before she and her husband quit the Royal Family.

Royal biographer Ingrid Seward compared Meghan to America divorcee Wallis Simpson, who married Edward VIII in 1937.

Edward’s marriage to caused a constitutional crisis and saw him abdicate the throne, which forced his brother, George VI to become king.

Ingrid claimed "there is a real similarity" between Prince Harry and Meghan’s relationship as he "seemingly gave up everything" for the Suits star.

Speaking to Fox News, Ingrid said: "It was a very similar scenario, although in a totally different era.

"Meghan is a divorcee, which of course we are still a little old fashioned about in England.

"She’s American and Harry seemingly gave up everything for her. So there is a real similarity."

Comparing Wallis to Meghan, Ms Seward said the Duchess of Sussex wasn’t "a great fan of England" and felt as though her "home is in California."

She said: "Wallis hated England, she hated the climate and felt people didn’t understand her or her sense of humour.

"In the case of Meghan, I think she very much felt that the British people didn’t understand her or particularly liked her.

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"And I don’t think she was a great fan of England either. Her home is California and that’s where her heart is."

Ingrid Seward's latest book, Prince Philip Revealed: A Biography, speculates the Duke of Edinburgh would have known Meghan would find royal life hard, having been an outsider when he married Princess Elizabeth in 1947.

Philip was said to have been treated badly by royal courtiers and would have had sympathy for Meghan's experiences.

It is suggested Philip would have been supportive of her upon joining the royal set up, but his old age limited his desire to get involved too much.

Ingrid previously told Daily Star Online the Queen's husband has "washed his hands" of the couple, and the Megxit situation, as there isn't much he, or anyone else, can do about it.

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