Meghan Markle’s bendy thumbs could mean ‘quick and early labour’, experts claim

Meghan Markle's second baby is due to be born soon and she could have an "early and quick labour", experts have claimed.

The Duchess of Sussex appears to have double-jointed fingers which means that some of her joints are hypermobile, meaning it can affect pregnancy.

Meghan and Prince Harry are expecting a sister for Archie later this year.

Hypermobility is a genetic condition that allows people to move their digits, and possibly other body parts, beyond the normal range and without it hurting.

Dr Adam Taylor, an expert in anatomy at Lancaster Medical School, said hypermobility may make it easier to give birth.

He told Fabulous Digital: "The ligaments of the pelvis, which help hold the pelvis together, are believed to loosen over pregnancy.

"So any more mobility within these from having hypermobility may help make delivery easier too."

It is thought that this may make other ligaments, like those around your fingers and thumbs, more elastic.

It could also mean that Meghan ends up having an earlier or quicker labour because the muscles holding the royal baby are more lax.

Birth coach Alexandra Kremer said: "If you’re already hypermobile, then pregnancy can take more of a toll on you and your body.

"Due to how fragile the connective tissue can be, hypermobility has shown that there can be a connection with early labour.

"If Meghan suffers with hypermobility, then it’s likely her care providers will have talked to her about it and looked at all the options.

"This could mean anything from extra joint support like a pelvic belt to planning for an earlier arrival."

Despite the claims Meghan was actually eight days overdue with her and Harry's first child Archie, according to royal biography Finding Freedom.

The Duchess of Sussex plans to have the baby delivered at their luxury £11 million home in early summer according to sources.

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