Meghan’s dad thinks she ‘changes when Harry leaves the room’ claims sister

Meghan Markle’s half-sister Samantha has claimed their dad Thomas Markle believes the Duchess "changes when Prince Harry leaves the room".

Samantha, who is 17 years older than Meghan, made the sensational claims in her new autobiography titled The Diary of Princess Pushy’s Sister Part 1.

In one passage, reported by The Times, the-56-year-old claimed her father, Thomas, sounded "very hurt and dismissed" when she spoke to him by phone after meeting Harry.

She goes on to claim that Thomas said his daughter's relationship with Prince Harry was "really weird" and added that she is "not the same" person he once knew.

Samantha writes: "I said, Dad, what’s going on, what’s wrong?

"He said, this is really weird, she’s not the same. When Harry is in the room, she is very sweet and a different person but when he steps out of the room, she is mean and controlling."

The alleged phone call reportedly happened before Meghan and Prince Harry wed in front of the world at Windsor Castle.

Thomas was invited to walk Meghan down the aisle at the wedding, but did not go. Shortly before the big day, pictures of him in Mexico emerged.

Samantha admits in the book that she was the one behind the snaps as she had grown tired of her father being portrayed in a negative light.

According to Samantha, the goal was "not money," but said the images came out staged and indiscreet like she had asked.

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The pictures nearly "made her choke," she claims, and added that Samantha felt as though she and Thomas had been "baited".

According to Newsweek, Samantha Markle wrote: "When I saw some of the photographs, I was delighted, until I saw an article that said he 'staged photographs.'

"I nearly choked, when I saw photographs of the photographer walking 3 feet behind my father, as seen on an Internet Cafe surveillance camera."

Meghan and her representatives have not commented on the claims made by Samantha, but the Duchess had previously described comments made by her half-sister as "absurd".

Close friends of the Duke and Duchess have said she felt like she was being "taken advantage of" by Sam as the pair haven't spoke in years.

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