Mesa County deputies rescue 14 dogs trapped in burning camper in Clifton

Firefighters and sheriff’s deputies rescued 14 dogs from a burning camper trailer in Clifton on Tuesday, pulling the yelping and howling animals out through a broken window as smoke billowed.

The rescue occurred at 12:40 p.m., when the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office and Clifton Fire Department were dispatched to a parking lot shared by a Murdoch’s and a Denny’s. Upon arrival, deputies could see white smoke coming from the top of the camper, and could hear dogs whining in distress, according to a news release.

In body camera footage uploaded to YouTube, the sound of breaking glass can be heard as officers try to gain entry into the trailer. Four of the dogs were provided oxygen by firefighters and transported to an emergency veterinarian for treatment, authorities said.

A deputy was injured after suffering a burn to his hand, along with minor scratches. He was evaluated and treated by paramedics at the scene, the sheriff’s office said.

There was no mention of who owned the trailer or whether they could face charges in the incident.

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