Mia K arrives in UK town and jokes how not jetlagged she is by twerking at 4am

Former porn star Mia Khalifa has arrived in Kent for the second time within a few months in a move that has both delighted and surprised her many millions of fans.

Seeming in a jovial mood, she joked tongue-in-cheek on her Instagram Story that she was "not jetlagged" after her flight and even teased fans with a video of her twerking at 4am.

Dressed down in trackies, the model also posted a video of herself strolling on a walk in Kent with a coffee in hand.

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Earlier this week the OnlyFans icon sent fans into overdrive by declaring she was back in the UK.

The Lebanese-American wrote on Instagram that she had “blinked and woke up in London”, which appears to be becoming one of her favourite destinations.

Mia, 29, teased her 27 million followers with with a beaming grin as she relaxed on a green beanbag.

She has not made public the reason for her trip to England or her rather unexpected detour to Kent, which is not normally known as a tourist trap for glam supermodels.

But Mia seems to have an affection for the costal town having only left there in October after a two-week trip.

She was, however, pictured meeting with luxury clothes brand Heat.

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Mia visited London earlier in the year and seemed to enjoy the capital despite battling classic English drizzly weather.

She was seen aboard an open top bus in true tourist style.

She also recently told fans on her way over to the UK that she changed out of a pair of wellies on a flight as "London has the best style in the world".

Before her meeting with Heat clothing, she described herself as "dressed like your friend's annoying little brother".

The 29-year-old has a wide range of business interests which she has cultivated since she ended up stepping down from a highly lucrative porn career.

Her anglophile credentials show no signs of abating.

On a previous visit, she entered full Brit mode whilst rapping along to UK artist Dave before she tucked into a full English breakfast – even revealing she tried black pudding.


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