Mia Khalifa jokes about prenups after Jeff Bezos’ ex-wife gives away £6bn

Adult movie star Mia Khalifa has joked about prenups after sharing an article that states Jeff Bezos' ex-wife has donated $6bn (£4.3bn).

The former Pornhub legend shared a story from Bloomberg, which detailed how $7.6bn (£5.5bn) of the Amazon fortune has been given away – but a large chunk of that was by MacKenzie Scott, the former wife of the billionaire.

Mia shared the article on her Instagram and wrote: "And this is why we don't sign prenups," followed by the skull emoji.

She added to her fans: "Great read, btw."

Jeff Bezos announced his decision to step down as chief executive officer of Amazon.com Inc on February 2.

Listed as the second-richest person on the planet, he is worth around $200bn (£145bn), and says he plans to spend more of his time on philanthropy.

If he goes through with his plans he'll follow in the footsteps of Bill Gates who also got serious about giving after stepping back from their empires.

Bezos has been a billionaire since the late 1990s and has spoken about working on philanthropy in the past.

In 2000, he said on the Charlie Rose show:  show in 2000. “Assuming we can make Amazon.com a lasting company, which we’re not done with yet.”

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But his first public gift was 11 years later.

Reports state around $7.2bn has been given away, but the largest amount of cash being from his ex-wife MacKenzie.

The pair divorced in 2019 and she became one of the most consequential philanthropists of her generation.

Scott now controls 25% of her former couple's combined wealth – $250bn – and gave away $6bn of that last year to working charities.

Melissa Berman, of Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, said it could be a record of the amount of annual distribution for a living person.

The money went to small charities and institutions, including Black colleges often passed over by donations.

Bezos made a commitment last year to give away $10bn to fight climate change.

In November he announced the first $791m grants to be handed out to outside orgnisations.

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