Mia Khalifa shares clip of Russian ambassador being drenched in red paint

Ex-Pornhub star Mia Khalifa has shared a clip of Russia's ambassador to Poland get a serious soaking of red paint from a furious member of public.

The former adult actress who has built a massive social media and OnlyFans following, re-posted to her 28 million Instagram followers a humiliating video of Sergey Andreyev.

As Vladimir Putin celebrated a so-called Victory Day in Moscow's Red Square, his ambassador to Poland was coated in red paint which looked like blood as it dripped down his face.

Mia, who has never been afraid to voice her opinion on politics and current affairs, shared Oleksandra Al Zakhran's post of Andreyev's assault as he paid tribute to Soviet Union soldiers killed during World War II.

Protesters screamed calling him a ‘fascist' as anger over Russia's invasion of Ukraine boiled over leaving Andreyev, his security guards, and reporters covering the event splattered in red paint.

The Russian Ambassador tried to wipe some of the paint out of his right eye as a woman placed some underwear on his shoulder, with security quickly removing the item of him.

Protestors could be seen holding Ukrainian flags as they chanted "fascist" at the ambassador.

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Poland has been helping Ukraine by welcoming millions of refugees trying to flee the Russian invasion.

Vladimir Putin's long-awaited Victory Day saw the brutal tyrant deliver a laughably feeble speech as the live stream was embarrassingly hacked.

Hackers managed to plaster a message on the stream saying that the Russians had Ukrainian blood on their hands as it was being streamed to TV screens around the country.

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It is estimated that around 10,000 troops took part in the parade, down from the 12,000 usually on show, following a reported 26,000 Russian deaths in Ukraine.

The usual flypast by Russian air force was also cancelled on the day which they blamed on the weather, despite the parade taking place with clear skies over Moscow.

Adrianne Carter, known to fans as ‘The Face Whisperer” said that Putin seemed to have lost his former strength.

She told the Daily Star: “His posture in this morning's clip is upright and determined…but in the blanket clip, it's a little old man feeling the cold."

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Last week Mia took to Twitter to hilariously slam anti-abortionists in wake of the Roe V Wade debate.

The OnlyFans star has shared many posts across her social media platforms supporting a woman's right to choose to terminate a pregnancy after the Supreme Court's vote to overturn the decision was leaked.

The overturning of the policy would allow states to choose whether they make abortion illegal again rather than the law being applied nationally.

But one post the 29-year-old model made on Twitter has left her fans divided, as while some found it hilarious, others resorted to insults to show their disdain for her argument.

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