Mia Khalifa wore wellies on UK flight but changed as London has best style

One time porn phenomenon Mia Khalifa has revealed she changed out of a pair of wellies on a flight to the UK because "London has the best style in the world."

The OnlyFans star has been jetting back and forth from the UK for business for months now, and she's back in the capital on her latest venture.

And "dressed like your friend's annoying little brother," as she put it, the 29-year-old sat down for an interview with the luxury clothes brand Heat, who sell mystery boxes of high-end items online.

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In the chat she covered many topics, and said that she always dresses appropriately for the weather and puts in extra effort when she goes to London as it "has the best style".

"I was on the plane with wellies on because I saw it was going to be raining here, but then I had to pull the sneakers out because I would have looked dumb," said Mia.

The star outright said that London has the best style and told a story about how even on her way to the interview she saw a couple in their 80s in matching Burberry trench coats who were "slaying everybody in front of Soho House".

It’s far from the first time she has blessed the country with her presence, with the world-famous beauty admitting she loves English culture.

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On a previous visit, she entered full Brit mode whilst rapping along to UK artist Dave before she tucked into a full English breakfast.

She left fans stunned after revealing she had been guzzling cups of tea and had even tried black pudding.

One video also showed Mia soaking up the culture with a trip to several of the capital’s most famous sites, including the Queen's Guards.

Whilst in another clip, she was seen downing pints whilst watching football.

Mia also admitted to shaving off her sideburns and catching herself on the razor as she filmed a video for her Instagram story with blood on her face.

On Tuesday (November 15), she shared a brief clip on her story, which shows a small, bleeding cut on the side of her face after cutting herself.

On top of the video, Mia wrote: "Hot girls shave their sideburns (poorly)."

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