Missing Bengal tiger last seen stalking neighbourhood found ‘unharmed’ by police

A tiger last seen prowling in a residential neighbourhood in Houston has been found after going missing for a week.

The nine-month-old Bengal tiger, named India, appeared to be unharmed and healthy when it was reported to Houston Police Department on Saturday, May 16.

Last week, local residents at West Houston filmed the animal wandering on the street and front gardens before lying on the grass.

It was reported that the tiger had escaped a private zoo and since gone missing.

Police commander Ron Borza said India had been found after a concerned resident contacted the local animal shelter.

An employee of the animal shelter was told that the owner wanted to turn the tiger in, hence they called the police for assistance.

In a video posted onto Houston Police Department's Twitter account, Gia Cuevas, the owner of the tiger, is seen feeding the big cat a bottle of milk while commander Ron talks to the camera.

He says: "We got him and he's healthy."

Commander Ron later held a press conference and explained that India was brought to the station in a very small crate.

But the tiger will be transferred to the Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch in Murchison, Texas.

He added that the tiger would be able to roam freely at the ranch in Murchison, "where, hopefully, he’ll live the rest of his life in a very safe environment".

"That animal is extremely powerful, if he wants to harm, he can do it instantly, no doubt about it," the officer warned.

"You should not have that in your home. It’s not good for the tiger."

The force is investigating into the matter but confirmed that Gia was not facing charges.

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