Missing woman found dismembered in plastic bags inside bus freezer

A missing woman has tragically been found dismembered in a freezer inside a bus.

The woman, from Louisiana, USA, was found cut up into pieces which were found stored in plastic bags on Tuesday evening in New Orleans, according to police.

Sources from New Orleans Police Department said she vanished last year November, but they refrained from sharing her name at this time following the grisly discovery.

Her body parts were found inside an abandoned bus placed next to a home in the 2300 block of Pauline Street, reports The Sun.

The white bus was pictured with red graffiti splashed across the front and included a symbol of an eye above the window.

The disturbing find has left neighbours shocked following the discovery last night, according to television station WDSU.

New Orleans Police Department were reportedly in the area alongside SWAT teams for a number of hours.

Frightened locals reported that the boyfriend of the woman was brought in for questioning by authorities.

People have since taken to Twitter to express their upset and compared the gruesome killing to TV shows such as 'Criminal Minds' and 'Dexter'.

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One person paid tribute and said: "A nightmare…praying for her family and her soul."

A woman who claims she used to live in the area, commented: "I knew it was a rough neighbourhood, but this is psychopath levels of dangerous. I’m grateful I’m out of there, but the sick feeling is overwhelming. That poor woman."

While another commented: "The description was so graphic my god, prayers to her family."

The victim is yet to be identified and no arrests have been made.

There has been no more information released at this time.

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