Monkey swarm hounds farmer to his death as rampaging beasts chase bloke off roof

A man who was accosted by a gang of 30 enraged monkeys on the roof of his home died of his injuries in hospital after falling when trying to escape.

The 52-year-old man named Horilal, who lived alone in the village of Kadarchowk 21 kilometres from Budaun city, fell off his roof when the troupe charged at him, the Times of India reports.

He was rushed to hospital in Uttar Pradesh on the evening of August 30, but succumbed to his injuries and sadly passed away.

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Horilal, who was a farmer according to local reports, "died because of monkeys" according to a relative.

The relative fumed: "The Government should do something about it. There are over 100 monkeys who target our houses and crops every day."

His two sons were working in the Indian capital, Delhi, when their father was attacked.

Monkeys are a huge problem in India, and in a startlingly similar case in the Warangal district of Telangana in southern India in March last year a woman plunged to her death after monkeys chased her off a roof.

The 21-year-old was said to have been playing a game of badminton with her friends on a terrace when the tribe attacked.

The woman, named only as G. Sirisha, and her pals tried to scare off the simians in the Warangal district of Telangana, police said.

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But they panicked and started to flee when the tribe looked like they were about to attack, reports News Meter India.

Local police launched an investigation after Sirisha, a Master of Computer Applications graduate, was found dead with multiple injuries.

Ms Sirisha was pronounced dead at the scene after she crashed into a parapet wall and fell from the top, police said.

And in February a young girl, named Narmada, was playing with friends near the Nakatiya river in Bareilly, the state of Uttar Pradesh, when she and her friends were swarmed by a savage gang of monkeys.

The bleeding child, whose skin was ripped off by the monkeys and had been "bitten almost anywhere" was rushed to hospital but died from her injuries.

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