Mount Evans Highway among upcoming seasonal road closures

Snow has been falling in the high country, and seasonal road closures are around the corner.

The Mount Evans Highway, Colorado 5, closes for the season on Monday, according to the Colorado Department of Transportation. The top five-mile segment from Summit Lake to the peak, 14,264 feet in elevation, closed the day after Labor Day. The remaining 10 miles of roadway, from Echo Lake, Colorado 103, to Summit Lake will be closed to motorized vehicles on Monday morning.

In Rocky Mountain National Park, Old Fall River Road closes to vehicles for the season on Monday, according to park officials. Also on Monday, the road will be closed to all users, including hikers and bikers, so park workers can conduct road maintenance.

Old Fall River Road will reopen temporarily to bicyclists, hikers and leashed pets on Saturday through Oct. 10. On Oct. 11, the road will again close to all users for continued road maintenance through Oct. 14.

On Oct. 15, the road will reopen to hikers, leashed pets and bicyclists through Nov. 30. On Dec. 1 the road goes into “trail status,” no bicycles or pets, only hikers. For more information call 970-586-1206 or visit

On Friday, Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park was temporarily closed because of snow and icy conditions. The road closed from Rainbow Curve on the east to the Colorado River Trailhead on the west, park officials said. To check on the status of Trail Ridge Road call 970-586-1222 or follow @RockyNPS on Twitter.


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