Mum blasts Cadbury for advent calendar with chocolates size of daughters toe

A furious mum has hit out at Cadbury for "disappointing kids" after her young daughter's advent calendar came packed with chocolates that were "barely the size of her toe".

Anna Devlin decided to take her eight-year-old daughter Kitty to choose a chocolate calendar at the end of last month and let her pick the £9.99 Cadbury 3D box.

The schoolgirl excitedly peeled back the window on December 1 in anticipation of some premium "decent chocolate" and was saddened to find small variety-size bites.

The 46-year-old mum recalled a classic "finger of Fudge" advert from the 80's jokingly suggesting that it was "barely a toe" before uploading a photo of her daughter's foot next to the tiny choc.

She is now insisting that Cadbury review's their calendar and use larger chocolates in future as children have already "had a sh*t few years".

Cadbury have claimed the mix of chocolates in the calendars are regularly reviewed so they can ensure customers get an "assortment of their favourites'" but there can be "some minor deviations in the mix due to manufacturing processes".

Anna, from Winchester, Hampshire, said: "We'd gone to look for an advent calendar. She likes a Freddo and it's supposed to have Freddos in it – but not yet.

"I imagine it might just be a frog leg or something.

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"I think she thought the chocolates were going to be full size as the actual calendar is so big. She laughed at the size of the Fudge which is what started it all really.

"The picture is a dig at Cadbury. It's not a finger of Fudge – it's barely a toe of Fudge – an eight-year-old's toe at that.

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"The advent calendar is a big exciting part of my daughter's Christmas and it looks big.

"Children are generally a little bit greedy and that's what she wanted. She thought she'd get some decent chocolate every day and it's sh*t.

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A Cadbury spokesman said: "Every year, we’re excited to share our Christmas products with our Cadbury chocolate fans.

"We review the mix of treats in our advent calendars regularly to ensure we are giving consumers an assortment of their favourites. However, there can be some minor deviations in the mix due to manufacturing processes.

"When it comes to the shape of our advent calendars, we love offering new and unique ways for our fans to interact and find their treats, ensuring that all include a fair and proper volume of the chocolate for all to enjoy."

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