Mum flees ‘disgusting’ Pontins chalet as smell so bad she thought kid had pooed

A mum of three left Pontins holiday camp with her children after what she claims was the "absolutely disgusting" state of the rooms she was offered.

Claudia Woods, 24, from Kirkby had booked a four-night stay starting August 3, along with her three young children and a friend at Pontins Prestatyn.

After they arrived, they waited two hours in a queue before being given the keys to a chalet which, when they opened the door, Claudia said left them feeling physically sick.

"The smell was absolutely disgusting," she told the Liverpool Echo.

"There was paper was coming off the walls.

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"The oven, when I opened it, I thought one of the kids had pooed themselves because of the smell. My friend started vomiting.

"The back of the fridge was full of mould down the back of the filter, it was absolutely disgusting."

Claudia said without unpacking they went and complained and told staff they wanted to leave. However the woman they spoke to offered Claudia another chalet which she said was an upgrade.

Claudia said: "So we went in that and that was exactly the same.

"The curtains were minty, and there was blood on the bed. it was absolutely disgusting.

"I had put the baby down on the floor and she had a white dress on and when I picked her up she was black. I actually vomited.

"They even had a sticker on the door to say the rooms had been sanitised but I don't know how, it hadn't even been wiped down never mind sanitised."

For the group, this was the final straw and Claudia went back to tell staff that they wanted a refund and to leave the holiday camp.

They left just over an hour after they had been given the keys to the chalet and managed to book a private caravan for the rest of the holiday.

Claudia said she still has not received her refund despite filling out the necessary forms and contacting Pontins four times.

She added: "We understand at £100 it's cheap and cheerful, and did we know that.

"But that was absolutely disgusting, I couldn't have even have brought myself to try and clean it because it was that filthy.

"I was fuming in the end, the kids were crying and the baby needed feeding.

"Even the woman we complained to said she understood and that it wasn't acceptable."

Pontins Prestatyn has not responded to requests for comment.

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