Mum lucky to survive after terrifying swarm of killer bees stings her 75 times

A mum was hospitalised after being attacked by killer bees and stung more than 75 times.

The unnamed woman was doing a photoshoot with her two daughters in Arizona, US, when the insects swarmed them.

According to the Arizona Fire and Medical Authority, her "quick thinking saved the children from being stung" after she rushed them into a nearby car.

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She is lucky to be alive after she "took the brunt of the stings".

She was rushed to a local hospital but thankfully recovered and has since been discharged.

Video shared by the Arizona Fire and Medical Authority shows firefighters at the scene spraying the vehicle in foam.

One is then seen carrying one of the daughters over his shoulder and rushing her to the safety of the fire engine.

The fire service were contacted by the girls' grandmother and have since released audio from the emergency call.

She told the emergency dispatcher: "Please hurry, please hurry. My daughter can't get in the car. She's being attacked by bees."

Aaron Lorti, owner of bee removal firm AZ Bee Kings, explained bees in Arizona are pollinating around this time of year, meaning they swarm in search for new locations.

"What that means is they are very, very aggressive, very territorial, and if you mess with them, they will try to kill you," he told FOX 10 Phoenix.

"Once one stings you and you try to run away, the whole hive will try to go after you.

"You do not want to mess with these types of bees by yourself."

The Arizona Fire and Medical Authority issued advice on what you should do if you are attacked by bees.

They said: "If you are attacked by bees, getting inside to a safe place is key.

"Run in a straight line, cover your face and get to shelter.

"Never get into water and do not fight the bees."

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