Mum mauled by friends husky in brutal 45-minute attack shares horror injuries

A woman who nearly lost her arm after being mauled by a husky says bringing dog licences would make the country “safer for everyone”.

Mum-of-two Rachel Anderson, 43, says she “cries from fear” to this day whenever she hears a dog growling following a brutal 45-minute attack by her friend’s pet husky when it sunk its teeth into her face and arms.

While surgeons did the best they could to close the former hairdresser’s gaping wounds over a dozen operations, physical and emotional scars still remain to this day.

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She says the damage done to her arm means she'll likely never return to hairdressing.

The stay-at-home mum recounted the grisly scene, saying: "I could see blood everywhere. I could see my face out of the corner of my eye. My arm was all ripped open. I could see skin and fat everywhere.

"I remember it dragging me side to side, by the arm. At one stage I thought it was going to release me, but it was treating me like a chew toy.”

She and her husband Wayne Anderson had been looking after her friend’s two children in 2018 when the attack by the Siberian Husky took place.

The dog, which she said was normally kept outside, locked its jaws with Rachel's face in its mouth before biting her arm.

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She was only able to get free and call the police after one of the children she was looking after stabbed the dog with a knife.

Police shot the dog dead when they arrived, she claims.

Rachel needed nearly a dozen operations to repair the gaping wounds and surgeons feared they'd have to amputate her arm, she says.

But the limb was saved when medics sewed it inside her stomach for four weeks to get new skin to grow back.

Rachel says she believes dog attacks are caused by the owners and the environments they live in.

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She reckons "most dogs don't naturally want to attack – it's either what they're shown to do, or they don't know any better".

"I don't believe it is down to the dog, it is down to the owners. If treated right, any breed can be good," she said.

While the UK got rid of dog licences in 1987, Rachel believes bringing them back would make peoples’ lives safer, adding: "It would stop people having too many or having them for the wrong reasons.”

Rachel’s story comes a week after a pack of eight dogs mauled a 28-year-old woman to death and injured another.

The Mail on Sundayreported the owners of the eight dogs could be separated from their pets for up to 18 months as investigators try to determine how much damage each animal caused.


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