Mum of three given devastating terminal cancer diagnosis day after 31st birthday

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A brave mum-of-three who battled cancer through pregnancy was told it was terminal the day after she turned 31.

Lizzi England found out she had breast cancer while expecting her third child, Violet, in January 2020.

She went on to have chemotherapy and a mastectomy and gave birth in between chemotherapy cycles, the Liverpool Echo reports.

Lizzi was given the all-clear after getting chemotherapy four days before giving birth and returning for another gruelling session three days later.

She later received the devastating news that she has terminal cancer after having discomfort in her back and finding a lump around her ribs.

Close pal Roni Bladon from Southport, Merseyside, who is raising money for Lizzi and her family in Northamptonshire, said: "In January this year she had a bit of discomfort in her back and she found a lump on her ribs so she had a scan, called her back and said 'we've had a look at your scan and when we've compared it to the one we did last year in February 2020 there was a shadow and it has grown' but no one told her about the shadow in the first scan.

"They did further tests and it's terminal cancer.

"It's in her hip and her spine, it's incurable and she's now waiting to find out what her life expectancy is."

Lizzi set up her @lizzi_england Instagram page and "Feel it on the first" campaign after getting an earlier diagnosis two years ago.

Roni, 39, said: "When this all happened, instead of being negative, she wanted to do something positive with her breast cancer.

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"She worked closely with breast cancer charities and started the campaign called feel it on the first to remind girls and boys to feel their breasts on the first of every month and notice any changes.

"It's so you don't go months without checking and suddenly finding something.

"She does this big drive on her Instagram and Facebook pages but she does it in a light hearted way.

"It's serious, the stories and messages she's telling you are serious but she manages to do it in a humorous way.

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"She makes it un-scary even though it is a really scary thing."

The fundraiser that Roni has started has raised more than £16,000 so far.

Roni wrote on the GoFundMe page: "I know a lot of you have followed Lizzi’s story and care greatly for her.

"We know Lizzi’s only priority is her family, especially her children, Ivy, Teddy and Violet, her fiancé Taylor, Mum, Dad, brothers.

"Sadly no go fund me page can take away the fact my friend has stage 4 secondary breast cancer.

"But what it can do is help make precious memories for her and her beautiful family."

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