Mum of YouTube family sent teen daughters underwear to sick perv fan to sniff

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    The mum of a teenage YouTube star is facing allegations she physically and sexually abused a group of young teenagers, including her own daughter by mailing her “soiled” underwear to a pervy fan.

    In total, 11 teenagers from the popular “Piper Squad” claimed that Tiffany Smith, 41, inflicted distress on them by abusing them over a period of several years, according to a complaint filed in January in an LA courthouse.

    Smith, who runs a massively popular channel featuring her 15-year-old daughter Piper Rockelle, encouraged the group to be “sexy” and subjected them to “emotional, verbal, physical, and at times, sexual abuse,”according to the complaint.

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    One parent even alleged that Smith mailed out several “soiled training bras and panties” to an unknown pervy fan, telling 14-year-old YouTuber Corinne Joy who was with her at a post office at the time: “Old men like to smell this stuff.”

    The parents of the 11 kids are each asking for $2 million from Smith and her boyfriend Hunter Hill, who both ran the “Piper Squad”, claiming that despite all the abuse that the kids allegedly suffered, their families claim they never saw a penny of revenue, despite their contributions to Piper's YouTube channel.

    Smith’s daughter has nearly 11 million subscribers on YouTube, with her reported net worth being around $3 million.

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    The defendants claim that Smith would often purposefully exploit the children on her daughter's YouTube page and make increasingly disturbing comments to them.

    In a massive 147 page complaint, the group of teenagers and children describe the alleged abuse they endured at the hands of Smith, calling the YouTube mum a “mean-spirited control freak”.

    They added that she often made uncomfortable comments about them and their private body parts.

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    The group said she would make obscene and graphic remarks about genitalia, encouraging them to be “sexy,” and “sexually aggressive.”

    One 14-year-old boy, Hayden Haas, was allegedly asked by Smith whether his “balls have dropped yet” and “how long is it [referring to his penis]?”

    Another teenager, 13-year-old Claire, said that on several occasions, Smith would go even further and would get physical with her, alleging that she would “constantly” touch her inappropriately by slapping her buttocks and “poking her anus over her clothing”.

    Smith allegedly also tried to spit in Claire’s mouth and on her face when Ms. Smith was on top of her after the 13-year-old woke up one morning.

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    The parents claimed that after all their children left and started their own channels, Smith "intentionally" tried interfering with the kids' own individual efforts to make names for themselves.

    The trial starts today in Los Angeles, California.

    The Daily Star has contacted Smith’s lawyer and the complainants' lawyers for comment.


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