Mum who woke up with Tourette’s says ‘c***’ more than ‘I love you’ to husband

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A mum randomly woke up one day to discover she had Tourette's syndrome and now constantly calls her husband a "c***" and tells her children to "f*** off."

Hayleigh-Elizabeth Honey, 27, had no underlying health problems until one day in September when she woke up shaking with muscle spasms.

She now has the inability to control her speech and launches foul-mouthed abuse at people, including sticking her middle finger up.

Hayleigh, who is married to husband Matt Honey, 27, said she has “never had to apologise” to her husband, despite calling him “the c-word” more than she tells him she loves him.

She said: "I went in and explained and said I had a tic disorder, he said that was fine and then I told him to f*** off.

"He was fantastic, he laughed it off and said he played rugby last night so had been called worse.

"Another one I've started is sticking my middle finger up at people and telling them to have one of these.

"I've only done it to my sister, my husband, and my kids. My two year old hasn't noticed, my daughter finds it funny mainly.

"My husband ignores all my ticks, I never had to apologise to him. I call him the 'c' word more than I tell him I love him and it doesn't bother him."

The mum-of-two’s doctor initially thought Tourette’s could have been triggered by a viral infection as it is a condition which affects the nervous system.

She said: "It all started in one day, I woke up with shakes that I thought nothing of because I hadn't eaten yet but it didn't ease off.

"Around lunchtime, I started having shoulder twitches, and when my husband got home at about 7pm I was hitting myself and shouting out random phrases.

"The next morning it was so bad I could only speak with a stammer, I couldn't talk properly, so I went straight to my doctor.

"The doctor said he had never seen it before and sent me back out to the waiting room and phoned the neurologist before calling my back into the room.

"He then said he thought it was a viral infection and that it would pass, but a week later it hadn't so I went straight back."

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A week later, Hayleigh’s tics got worse and returned for more tests, but everything came back clear and was finally diagnosed after suffering from the condition for a year.

She said: "I saw a different GP and was referred the same day medical assessment unit at Treliske Hospital, there I had a CT scan – they didn't want to do an MRI because I would have to stay still for too long.

"They took my fluids and they did tests, and it came back clear.

"The only thing they could put it down to was genetics or chronic anxiety, I wasn't stressed at the time but in the past, I have suffered with mental health issues.

"It's hard to tell because at that time there was nothing stressful in my life, no more than any other mum.

"Now I'm learning to live with it, I have to wait and see if it goes away on its own or if this is my life now.

"My tics are changing every day, I get new ones depending on what songs I listen to or who I talk to."

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