Muslim grouping OIC urges help for vulnerable states in coronavirus battle

RIYADH (Reuters) – The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) urged member states on Wednesday to help struggling Muslim states combat the coronavirus pandemic, particularly in Africa.

The 57-member group’s executive committee, after a virtual meeting, also called on member countries to help bridge a shortfall in essential medical supplies, particularly testing devices and protective equipment.

“No country alone can deal with the damage and multiple challenges presented by the novel coronavirus,” said a statement. “We call on all member countries and organisations to show their solidarity with African member states.”

The Jeddah-based OIC also echoed a U.N. call for a ceasefire in conflict areas to allow delivery of aid, specifically mentioning Yemen, which has so far reported only one case of the virus but where a five-year war has shattered the health system and left millions vulnerable to disease.

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